Explain the current and emerging cyber technologies in cyber management.


10 Top Cyber Security Companies

  • In the article (10 Top Cyber Security Companies) Yogesh (2018) listed the top 10 cyber security companies in 2018 (ranked per their cyber share) with their cyber focus:

  • (1) CyberArk software: The company offers numerous services including credential protection and management, session isolation and monitoring.

  • (2) Cisco: Current share price: The most popular computer networking company known for their routers and firewalls.

  • (3) IBM: A large and popular computing company in almost all software, data, and computing products.

  • For this list in particular, the company is classified for its enterprise IT security solutions, which range across mobile, data, network, and endpoint solutions.

  • IBM uses AI and cloud platforms to protect and detect threats.

  • (4) Microsoft: Another large and popular computing company in almost all software, data, and computing products. Microsoft is classified in this list for its datacenter to endpoint protection sector.

  • The company provides numerous offerings to counter cybercrime starting from its prime windows defender product to its cloud-based azure and office 365 security compliance centers.

  • (5) Amazon: The giant e-business company is included in this list for its cloud powered security solutions with abilities to mitigate a large inventory of attacks.

  • They are also known for their Amazon web Services (AWS).

  • (6) FireEye: Offers advanced threat protection services and several solutions for enterprise security, threat intelligence solutions, etc.

  • (7) Lockheed Martin: A large aviation company that is involved in different cyber and EW defense and offense products. The company claims to build a cyber center of excellence through its skilled analysts and superior technology.

  • (8) Check point software: Offers a unified threat management software solution.

  • (9) Symantec: With their Norton, a long time popular anti-malwares’ solutions’ company. The company expanded their services from protecting regular laptops/desktops to other environments (e.g., the cloud, mobile platforms).

  • (10) BAE systems: BAE systems is a British multinational defense, security and aerospace company. The company provides cyber security risk management services.

  • In addition to BAE and Lockheed, the other popular defense contractors are: Raytheon, Boeing, General Dynamics, Northrop Grumman, United Technologies, and L-3.

  • To cover different perspectives, we expand the list to other players in cyber security described in (Morgan 2017):

    • Accenture: The company provides business process outsourcing, IT services, cloud services, managed operations, security, and infrastructure services.

    • Apple: The popular computing and smart phones company continuously improves their operating system security features.

    • Apple includes face ID and recognition in their new phones to improve their access and identity management platform.

    • Dell: The company known for their laptops and servers provides security solutions for servers and data centers.

    • Facebook: The popular online social networks’ company went into several recent issues that impact their privacy and security platform.

    • Given that the company is a major hacking target, they continue improvements on cyber threat detection/ protection mechanisms.

    • Google: The popular search engine company continues to expand their services to users. Their email application, Gmail employs smart techniques to protect against phishing, spam, ransomwares, etc.

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