Explain modern data analytic tools.

Explain modern data analytic tools.

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Modern data analytic tools :-

  • Apache Hadoop :-

    • Apache Hadoop, a big data analytics tool which is a Java based free software framework.

    • It helps in effective storage of huge amount of data in a storage place known as a cluster.

    • It runs in parallel on a cluster and also has ability to process huge data across all nodes in it.

    • There is a storage system in Hadoop popularly known as the Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS), which helps to splits the large volume of data and distribute across many nodes present in a cluster.

  • KNIME :-

    • KNIME analytics platform is one of the leading open solutions for data-driven innovation.

    • This tool helps in discovering the potential and hidden in a huge volume of data, it also performs mine for fresh insights, or predicts the new futures.

  • OpenRefine :-

    • OneRefine tool is one of the efficient tools to work on the messy and large volume of data.

    • It includes cleansing data, transforming that data from one format another.

    • It helps to explore large data sets easily.

  • Orange :-

    • Orange is famous open-source data visualization and helps in data analysis for beginner and as well to the expert.

    • This tool provides interactive workflows with a large toolbox option to create the same which helps in analysis and visualizing of data.

  • RapidMiner :-

    • RapidMiner tool operates using visual programming and also it is much capable of manipulating, analyzing and modeling the data.

      • RapidMiner tools make data science teams easier and productive by using an open-source platform for all their jobs like machine learning, data preparation, and model deployment.
  • R-programming :-

    • R is a free open source software programming language and a software environment for statistical computing and graphics.

    • It is used by data miners for developing statistical software and data analysis.

    • It has become a highly popular tool for big data in recent years.

  • Datawrapper :-

    • It is an online data visualization tool for making interactive charts.

    • It uses data file in a csv, pdf or excel format.

    • Datawrapper generate visualization in the form of bar, line, map etc. It can be embedded into any other website as well.

  • Tableau :-

    • Tableau is another popular big data tool. It is simple and very intuitive to use.

    • It communicates the insights of the data through data visualization.

    • Through Tableau, an analyst can check a hypothesis and explore the data before starting to work on it extensively.

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