What is bricks? Explain any four types of bricks with neat sketch.
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What is bricks?

Brick is obtained by moulding good clay into a block, which is dried and then burnt. This is the oldest building block to replace stone.

Manufacture of brick started with hand moulding, sun drying and burning in clamps.

A considerable amount of technological development has taken place with better knowledge about to properties of raw materials, better machineries and improved techniques of moulding drying and burning.

Types of Bricks:

(i) Building Bricks:

(ii) Paving Bricks:

(iii) Fire Bricks:

(iv) Special Bricks:

(v) Specially shaped bricks

(vi) Facing bricks

(vii) Perforated building bricks

(viii) Burnt clay hollow bricks

(ix) Sewer bricks

(x) Acid resistant bricks.

(a). Specially Shaped Bricks:

Bricks of special shapes are manufactured to meet the requirements of different situations. Some of them are shown in Fig.

enter image description here

(b) Facing Bricks:

These bricks are used in the outer face of masonry. Once these bricks are provided, plastering is not required. The standard size of these bricks are 190 × 90 × 90 mm or 190 × 90 × 40 mm.

(c) Perforated Building Bricks:

These bricks are manufactured with area of perforation of 30 to 45 per cent. The area of each perforation should not exceed 500 mm2 . The perforation should be uniformly distributed over the surface. They are manufactured in the size 190 × 190 × 90 mm and 290 × 90 × 90 mm.

(d) Burn’t Clay Hollow Bricks:

Figure shows a burnt clay hollow brick. They are light in weight. They are used for the construction of partition walls. They provide good thermal insulation to buildings.

They are manufactured in the sizes 190 × 190 × 90 mm, 290 × 90 × 90 mm and 290 × 140 × 90 mm. The thickness of any shell should not be less than 11 mm and that of any web not less than 8 mm.

enter image description here

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