Write the short notes on the Sensors in Biomedical Applications.

Write the short notes on the Sensors in Biomedical Applications.

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Sensors in Biomedical Applications :-

  • Gradually MEMS technology has demonstrated unique solutions and delivered innovative products in chemical, biological and medical domains as well. MEMS have penetrated into consumer electronics, home appliances, auto motive industry, aerospace industry, biomedical industry, recreation and sports.

  • It has potential to revolutionize the medicine from drug delivery methods to minimally invasive surgery, "Lab on chip" or smart prothesis.

Application of MEMS in Biomedical Instrumentations :-

  • Devices from patient view points :-

    • Diagnostic microsystems: rapid point of care, systems on a chip, cell and molecule sorting, DNA diagnostics.

    • Surgical microsystems, MIS (minimally invasive surgery), AD- assisted surgery. microrobotics.

    • The rapeutic microsystems + praithes; drug and gene delivery, tissue augmentation, repair biocapsules, micro/ minimally invasive surgical system.

  • The scale of applications:-

    • body level drug delivery, tools for microsurgery pacemakers, neural probes analysis of body fluides. (Lab-on-chip) for blood analysis, glucose monitoring, electrophoresis). Tissue and cell analysis genomics (DNA micro away) and proteomic [ protein identification and characterization].
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