Explain the String handling function in detail
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Some of the string handling functions are :-

1) C String Length : strlen() function :- The strlen() function returns the length of the given string. It doesn’t count null characters.

2) C String Concatenation : strcat() function :- The strcat(first-string, string-second) function concatenates two results and result is returned to first-string.

3) C Copy String : strcpy() function :- The strcpy(destination, source) function copies the source string in the destination.

4) C compare string : strcmp() function :- The strcmp(first-string, second-string) function compares two string and return 0 if both strings are equal.

5) C String Uppercase : strupr() function :- The strupr(string) function returns string characters in uppercase.

6) C String Lowercase : strlwr() function :- The strlwr(string) function returns string characters in lowercase.

7) C Reverse String : strrev() function :- The strrev() function returns reverse of the given string.

8) C String : strstr() function :- The strstr(string1, string2) returns a pointer to the first occurence of string2 in string1.

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