What is purpose and use of Structure in C
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Purpose of structure in C :

  1. Structure is a user-defined data in C language will allows us to combine data of different types together.

  2. Structure helps to construct a complex data type which is more meaningful.

  3. It is similar to an array, but an array holds dada of similar type only which structure can hold data of any type.

  4. Each element of a structure is called a member. It can store various information.

  5. The struct keyword is used to define the structure in C language.

Uses of structure in C :

  1. C structures can be used to store huge data.

  2. structure can be used to send data to the pointer.

  3. C structures can interact with keyboard and mouse to store the data.

  4. C structure can be used to check computer’s memory size data.

  5. Uses of special data structure to store the collection of different data types.

  6. Structures can be used to clean output screen contents.

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