Explain short terms Normal, Sliding, and Approach vectors with a diagram.
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Vector is a palm-sized robot that uses the same general design as Cozmo, Anki's previous robot toy.

Vector is made from a black plastic material and he has a body that's filled with various sensors and electronics to detect and respond to the environment around him.

enter image description here

In rectangular coordinates the orientation of the tool is expressed by a Rotation matrix $R$ $={\mathrm{r} 1, \mathrm{r} 2, \mathrm{r} 3}$ 3 columns of $\mathrm{R}$ coordinates correspond to the normal, sliding and approach as shown in the above diagram. $\mathrm{r} 3=$ approach vector i.e. it is aligned along with the Tool Roll axis and always point away from the wrist. r2= sliding vector i.e. orthogonal to the approach vector, align to the opening and closing of the gripper. $\mathrm{rl}=$ normal vector i.e. orthogonal to the plane defined by the $\mathrm{r} 3$ and $\mathrm{r} 2$ and to complete Right -handed Orthonormal coordinate frame.

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