What is Task planning? Explain it.
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A task is a job or an operation that has to be done by the robot, whether it is a stationary robot or mobile robot.

The term ‘Planning’ means deciding on a course of action before acting. The way the task has to be performed in its workspace has to be planned before the robot does a particular task. This is called Task planning.

In a highly sophisticated robot environment such as in automatic production plants, assembly lines, higher level of planning of robot motion is required.

The planning at this level is called task planning. The robot task planning requires the task planners to achieve these goals.

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The primary input to the task planner is a task specification supplied by the user.

To plan the motions needed to accomplish a task, a task planner uses an internal world model of its environment plus online data from sensors, especially the vision system.

The raw images I (k,j ) are first processed by an image analyzer in order to reduce the data to a form that is more usable by the task-planning software.

The trajectory planner uses interpolation and inverse kinematics techniques to convert the trajectory to a continuous-time joint-space reference trajectory r(t).

The joint-space trajectory then serves as input to the robot controller which contains a torque regulator for the joints of the robotic arm.

The feedback data can then be used by the robot controller to implement complaint motion and guarded motion as required.

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