Write a short note on Configuration Space.
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Configuration Space:

During a Pick and place operation, the robot grasps the object from the source using fine motion lifts it up using the fine motion, transports it from the life position to the set down position using the gross motion, and keeps the object in the place position using the fine motion.

Both the source and goal points should be within the workspace envelope of the robot. This fine and gross motion path should be planned first and take care of all the obstacles.

The task planner must address gross-motion path planning.

The objective is to plan the path to move apart from the given source position and orientation s to the desired goal position and orientation g in the presence of obstacles.

The motion is gross such that the mobile part is assumed to be free of contact with other parts at both ends of the path.

The planned the path should be optimal such as the shortest selected path staying far away from collisions or trying to avoid collisions.

Any path planning problem requires a search in six-dimensional space, as a moving part always has three translational and three rotational degrees of freedom.

A fundamental analytical tool for solving motion-planning problems is the configuration space framework developed by Lozano-Perez.


Configuration of a part:

A configuration of a part is a set of parameters that uniquely specify the position of every the point on the part.

Configuration of a space:

The configuration space is defined as the set of all the possible configurations of the mobile the part that is obtained around the obstacle.

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