Explain the application of DSP in speech.
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There are many applications of DSP in speech synthesis \& speech recognition.

Speech Recognition:-

Voice recognition involves inputting information into a computer using human voice and the computer listening and recognizing human speech.

The speech recognition system operates in one of two modes.

In the training mode, the user trains the system to recognize his or her voice by speaking each word to be admitted into a microphone.

The system digitizes and creates a template of each word to be recognized and stores this in its memory.

In the recognition mode, each spoken word is again digitized and its template is compared with the templates in memory.

When a match occurs the word has been recognized and the system informs the user or takes some action.

The system's performance is affected by speakers not pausing long enough after each word's background noise and how clearly and carefully the word is spoken.

The two critical DSP operations in a recognizer are parameter extraction, where distinct patterns are obtained from the spoken word and used to create a template and pattern matching.

The Block diagram is shown in the figure.

enter image description here

Word recognizers are being incorporated into consumer products, such as voice-operated telephone dialing systems, and are used in voice-activated domestic appliances for disabled people with limited movement

This increases their independence by enabling them to perform simple tasks such as turning on / off lights, radio, or TV.

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