Write a short note on Real-Time Data Exchange.
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Real-time data exchange (RTDX) allows for the exchange of data between a target board and a host computer without interfering with the application of either of the two.

RTDX forms a two-way data-pipe between the target and the host client.

In fact, the pipe can be viewed as a collection of thinner pipes or channels.

Data is tagged to a specific channel and this makes it possible to distinguish the various data. Data is transferred at any time asynchronously.

The transfer of data is achieved as follows. The target application sends data to the host by calling functions in the RTDX Target Library.

These functions immediately buffer the data and then return. The RTDX Target Library then transmits the buffered data to the host in a way as to not interfere with the target application.

The host records the data into either a memory buffer or an RTDX log file, depending on the specified RTDX host recording mode.

The recorded data can be retrieved by any host application that is a client of the RTDX host interface.

The RTDX host interface is provided as the COM interface. Similarly, data can be transferred from the host to the target.

A number of lessons are provided in lesson S1L1 in the studio.

To understand the RTDX functionality is advisable to go through the the entire tutorial which has been written in increasing order of complexity.

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