Explain the tools of DSP software tools in detail.
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The improvement of DSP software tools from the early days until now has been spectacular.

Code compilers have evolved greatly to be able to deal with the underlying hardware complexity and the enhanced DSP architectures.

At the same time, they allow the developer to program more and more efficiently in high-level languages as opposed to assembly coding.

This speeds up considerably the code development time and makes the code itself more portable across different platforms.

Advanced tools now allow the programming of DSPs graphically, i.e., by interconnecting pre-defined blocks that are then converted to DSP code.

Examples of these tools are MATLAB Code Generation and embedded target products and National Instruments' LabVIEW DSP Module.

High-performance simulators, emulators,s and debugging facilities allow the developer to have high visibility into the DSP with little or no interference with the program execution.

Additionally, multiple DSPs can be accessed in the same JTAG chain for both code development and debugging.

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