Short note on - Difference between CPLD and FPGA

Mumbai University > COMPS > Sem 3 > Digital Logic Design and Analysis

Marks: 7 M

Year: Dec 2013, Dec 14

1 Answer
1)Field – Programmable Gate Array, is a type of programmable logic chip has more complex architecture. 1)Complex programmable logic device ,is also other type of digital logic chip but has less complex architecture.
2)FPGA contains upto 100,000 of tiny logic blocks. 2)CPLD contains only few blocks of logic that reaches upto few thousand.
3)In terms of architecture, FPGA are considered as “Fine Grain” Devices 3) In terms of architecture, CPLD are considered,as “Coarse-grain” devices.
4) FPGA are useful for more complex application. 4) CPLD are better for simpler application.
5) FPGA,are made up of tiny blocks. 5) CPLD are,made up of larger blocks.
6) FPGA is RAM-Based digital logic chip. 6) CPID,is EEPROM-based digital logic chip.
7)FPGA are more expensive as compared to,CPLD 7) White,CPLD are much cheaper.
8) Delays are less predictable as compared to CPLD. 8)Delays are much more predictable in CPLD as compared to FPGA’s
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