Explain An Innovative Framework for IoT Security in detail.
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Keeping the security challenges in mind, we suggest an interesting framework for the IoT security after the analysis of the security framework needs. The secure framework suggested consists of four layers.

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1. Data Perception Layer

A major problem is to come up with a prototype that is not very heavy for managing this layer in the IoT. Some of the safety safeguards incorporated in this particular layer are listed in the following:

a. Safe routing

b. Supervision and command of the key

c. Recognition when the attack occurs

d. Conversion of information or data into a code to prevent unauthorized access

2. Varied and Divergent Network Access Layer

A means or process of ensuring the authenticity of the user accessing the data must be integrated into all kinds of devices irrespective of their complexity level. The precautions included in this layer mainly consist of:

a. Security and seclusion of user data

b. Integrity of the information

c. Authorization for the users while logging in

d. Safety measures while accessing

e. Encryption of the confidential information

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3. Information Management Layer

To deal with an enormous amount of data and the decision-making taking into account the nature of the connections, firmly setting up the techniques for supervision and assessment of trust and achieving efficacious mining have to be scrutinized for the information security techniques. Keeping this in mind, this layer

would consist of the resistance mechanisms as follows:

a. Information metric

b. Behavior elements authorization

c. Key production and dispensation

d. Calculation of security factors and values

4. Smart Service Layer

To yield an appropriate security facility for a particular user on the basis of his or her requirements, suitable accuracy should be established for various applications. a. Regulation of access and its organization.

b. Organization of security.

c. Methodologies for the security of confidentiality.

d. Figure shows the IoT framework and factors that should be taken into account for the security

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