Write a short note on Zigbee Smart Energy.
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Zigbee Smart Energy:

ZigBee Smart Energy (SE) is a standard for interconnecting and interoperating devices, via radio frequency, directed towards monitoring, managing, and automating energy, gas, and water usage.

It seeks to be a useful tool for creating “Green Homes”, and is aimed at coordinating energy usage, and optimizing its generation and consumption.

ZigBee SE is a world-leading standard widely used for smart metering (electricity, gas, and water) and home automation (wireless domotics).

ZigBee is a simple data transmission protocol designed to be used as a low-rate wireless personal area network (LR-WPAN). Based on the IEEE 802.15.

ZigBee smart energy is designed for a large range of IoT applications including smart homes, remote controls, and healthcare systems. It supports a wide range of network topologies including star, peer-to-peer, or cluster tree.

These stack profiles support full mesh networking and work with different applications allowing implementations with low memory and processing power.

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ZigBee Pro offers more features including security using symmetric-key exchange, scalability using stochastic address assignment, and better performance using efficient many-to-one routing mechanisms.

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