What is Radiated loss? explain it.
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What is Radiated loss?

The radiated loss of a coax cable is normally much less than the resistive and dielectric losses.

However, some very cheap coax cables may have a very poor outer braid and in these cases, it may represent a noticeable element of the loss.

Power radiated, or picked up by a coax cable is more of a the problem in terms of interference.

Signal radiated by the coax cable may result in high signal levels being present where they are not wanted.

For example leakage from a coax cable carrying a feed from a high-power transmitter may give rise to interference in sensitive receivers that may be located close to the coax cable.

Alternatively, a coax cable used for receiving may pick up interference if it passes through an electrically noisy environment.

It is normal for these reasons that additional measures are taken in ensuring the outer screen or conductor is effective. Double or even triple-screened coax cables are available to reduce the levels of leakage to very low levels.

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