What are natural rubbers? State its drawbacks

Mumbai University > First Year Engineering > Sem1 > Applied Chemistry 1

Marks: 5M

Year: May 2012, May 2013

1 Answer

Natural rubber is obtained from latex, a milky emulsion, collected from rubber tree. The bark of rubber is cut at intermittent places. The latex starts dripping which is collected in a container. It is nothing but a milky white emulsion of isoprene. The % of isoprene is about 30-40% and remaining is water. On earth there are about 500 different species of rubber trees. Drawbacks and properties-

  • It becomes softer at higher temperature and brittle at lower temperature.

  • Very weak with tensile strength of 200 kg/cm2.

  • It has large water absorbing capacity

  • It has very little durability

  • It perishes due to oxidation in air

  • It swells considerably in organic solvents

  • It has high tackiness due to which it is difficult to store

  • If stretched to greater extent leads to permanent deformation.

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