What are plasticizers and fillers and state its functions.

Mumbai University > First Year Engineering > Sem1 > Applied Chemistry 1

Marks: 3M

Year: May12 May 13

1 Answer

Plasticizers and fillers come under compounding of plastics. These are ingredients of plastic. Fillers are added to reduce cost of the plastic, reduce shrinkage on setting and impart better tensile strength, hardness, opacity, finish and workability.

Commonly added fillers are cotton, corn husks, graphite, clay, paper pulp, wood flour, metallic oxides like ZnO, PbO, saw dust and metal powders like that of Fe, Cu, Pb.

Plasticizers are added to improve plasticity and flexibility to reduce temperature and pressure required for moulding. The % of plasticizers added is about 60%. Most commonly used plasticizers are veg oil, camphor, esters of oleic, stearic, tributil phosphate etc.

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