Why LC oscillators are preferred for high frequency oscillation
1 Answer
  • LC oscillators provide good frequency stability and generate a good sine wave at high frequencies. Frequency stability i.e. frequency of oscillation does not change very much for change in supply voltage or ambient temperature. At high frequencies a good frequency stability and good shape is required.
  • Due to reactive elements, LC oscillator can be tuned to particular frequency of oscillation this frequency is known as resonant frequency and for finely tuned circuit the oscillation speed is very high it can oscillate billions of times per second so we can use LC oscillators for high speed applications.
  • LC oscillators have a good phase stability and low susceptibility to noise. To produce a wave which has good shape noise must be low so for high frequency application LC oscillators are good choice
  • LC oscillators have high Q Factor. Q factor describe nature of oscillation (under-damped or over-damped). Higher Q indicates low damped oscillations. Device having higher Q-factor has lower rate of energy loss with respect to stored energy of the resonator and, thus oscillations can sustain for longer period of time.
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