Absolute temperature scale.

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Year: Dec 2014

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  • The most commonly used temperature scale is centigrade scale, which takes Freezing point of water as 0 and boiling point as 100

  • It was later observed by Lord Kelvin that if temperatures can go below 0 0C then it should not be in fact called 0.

  • He later, with the help of Carnot theorem, proved that temperature at any point in universe cannot go below -273.150C and hence, this temperature should actually be called 0.

  • This temperature was later named as absolute 0 kelvin or 0 K.

  • It means that any property of a body related to temperature will also be zero at absolute zero.

  • It also means that all bodies have some positive temperature and hence some positive energy.

  • Example: specific enthalpy of a gas is directly proportional to its absolute temperature.

    . h α T

    . h= Cp T

    Where Cp = specific heat at constant pressure

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