Explain different architectural styles with suitable brief example for each.

Mumbai University > Computer Engineering > Sem6 > Software Engineering

Marks: 10M

Year: Dec 2015


There are various architecture styles, based on the Architecture view like

  • Model View
  • Component and connector view
  • Allocation view

NOTE: Don't confuse it with different types of architecture.

Model View Architecture styles are: ( DU-GLAD short form to remember, first letter)

  1. Decomposition Style
  2. Uses Style
  3. Generalization Style
  4. Layer Style
  5. Aspect Style
  6. Data Model style

Component and Connector View: ( re-rarer , last latter)

  1. Pipe and Filter
  2. publish and subscribe
  3. client and sever
  4. Shared Data
  5. peer to peer
  6. Service oriented architecture
  7. tier

Allocation view:

  1. Deployment style
  2. Install style
  3. Work assignment style

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