What is the principle of cathodic protection method of corrosion control ? Discuss any one method of corrosion control by cathodic protection.

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The principle of this method is to force the metal to behave like a cathode by connecting it to a powerful anode metal plate.

These are of two kinds: (a) Sacrificial anodic protection: (b) Impressed current cathodic protection

(a) Sacrificial anodic protection

• In this method, the metallic structure to be protected is connected through a metallic wire to a more anodic metal so that all the corrosion will take place only on the anodic metal.

• The artificially made anode thus gets gradually corroded protecting the original metallic structure.

• This process k otherwise known as sacrificial anodic protection. (a)   Sacrificial anodic protection

• Metals commonly used a sacrificial anodes re zinc, magnesium, aluminum and their alloys.

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