4 reasons why students get a KT

A common pool that many engineering students fall into, right at the beginning of their much awaited carrier, is the KT pool. You will hear students saying after their first semester results, KT lag gayi yaar!

So what’s this KT (also called, ATKT)? ATKT (Allowed To Keep Terms) is when you do not clear a subject in the first attempt and the generous exam boards give you another opportunity to clear it. Period.

After talking to hundreds of students, I have identified few reasons as to why students get a KT in the first place. Read on -

1. Lethargy

Yeah, admit it. You are sluggish enough to not diligently study for the subjects that you dislike. You want to live in your comfort zone once you successfully enter engineering. Laziness surrounds you to a point that two days before the exam, and you still don’t feel like picking up that book and start reading.

2. Devil-may-care attitude

Aah! The college has just started, it’s a new life, let me explore more with my new friends. You feel your 12th vacations are still ON? Yeah. You so damn fail to get serious and get some serious shit done! Because you are in your happy-go-lucky mood!

3. Because your friends aren’t studying too

Jim Rohn has said, “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with”. You spend most time with your new friends with whom it’s fun to fool around. And these friends think bunking lectures, hanging out in canteen, and missing on the important hours of studying is so cool. You do the same, and get similar results.

4. You think not studying is cool

You feel your life is already set once you are into engineering. You hear everyone around you burbling engineering is a piece of cake. And you assume it is. You ‘think’ you have already achieved a big milestone getting into engineering, so now studies shouldn’t be a great deal. That’s when you fall for the first time with your mindset, taking things lightly finally gets you the infamous KT!

Now, I’m sure that after reading this, you have gotten smart enough to hold yourself from falling in this ATKT pool. Want to prevent yourself from getting a KT? Click here.

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nice blog, read other good blogs also

Yeah I'll. thank you :)

you might have missed distraction because of multiple dreams. I think this is one of the prime reasons for students who want to do well in life and can't focus on the one in hand. also regrets for the past failures.. that demotivates these students even if they plan to work at the thing in hand. what should be done in that case?

A good point and a very deep question. The only solution for distraction is to focus on the thing in hand, in this case, studies and clearing the engineering subjects. And about past failures, they will help and guide correctly on the way up in the future.

but most of the students, specifically talking about the first year freshers, those who couldn't make up to the A grade colleges despite of their efforts, they are depressed. Probably, this is the first time they feel depressed as far as career is concerned. What should they do? How should they handle the situation they are in?


You are posting very insightful questions. And true stories that we see around us in the first year, students dreaming of IITs & NITs ending up in normal engineering colleges. But isn't that how life is? You don't always get what you want. And life is unfair too! The most efficient way to handle these situations is by giving your best wherever you are. In the end, colleges are just a criteria. What truly matters is individual ability. A diamond will shine even from a heap of stones. :)

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