How to get a great term work
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4 years of engineering ( provided you do not get a drop :p ), 8 semesters and approximately 80 subjects to clear, and how can you clear them all without securing your term work marks of all subjects in all semesters? Oh BTW, term work comprises of vivas by both internal and external teachers and assignment submission marks by your college faculty. And if you think that’s not really important, then do know the fact that a bad term work can fetch you an internal KT! Even if you manage to clear the written papers, you must do the following in order to ensure that you do not get a bad term work from your own teachers-

1. Being in teachers’ good books-

Critical. Very much, if you wish to get good grading from your subject teachers. I ain’t asking you to lickspittle, but genuinely try to maintain good relations with your professors. Why? Because they truly have more knowledge, experience and insights than you do. Do not take them for granted, instead get the most out of your proximity to these knowledge and information hubs while you are in your college.

2. Having good subject knowledge

Term work comprises of not just what’s in your subject teachers hands, but also consists of how well you perform in the vivas held by external faculties. And most of these external teachers are often interested in scaling you on your conceptual knowledge of the subject. Hence, while you are studying, try to understand the why’s, ask questions and seek genuine answers than rote learning from the final exam point of view. You are in your graduation now, say bye-bye to rote learning and invite more out of the box (read out of the books) thinking and emphasize on making your basics strong, which will help you in the long run too.

After all, don’t we all love Ranchoddas Shamaldas Chanchad more than Chatur, The ‘Silencer’? :D

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