7 things all back benchers can relate to
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Back benchers, although notorious in the minds of some teachers, yet the peppy people in the class, often remind us of the times during which our boring lectures were made exciting, all thanks to their pranks and escapades! And if you belong to one of these cool personalities, you will surely relate to some of these fun memories!

  1. Reading novels during lectures, especially the romantic ones during college days. :P

  2. Eating before the break begins or after the breaks are over, because for you, college itself is a break. :p

  3. Giving proxies for your jigari friends, and honing this skill till you reach the final year; aakhir dost kab kaam aayenge! :D

  4. Carrying one-book-for-all-subjects, every single day, and forget not, not carrying any pens, because what will the front benchers be useful for then. :p

  5. Taking naps, the most important jobs in the world, and reserving some lectures for your cozy sleep and dreams.

  6. Reserving the VIP seats on the last benches, and fighting for those, because those places were the base of all our antics!

  7. Discussing everything apart from studies, you name it and we have a knowledge of it all-cricket, TV soaps, films, gadgets and tech! But ask us about studies, and you get a good grin in return. :D

If you are one of those cool personalities and you recollect having done much more than this, comment and let us be a part of your fun stories too! :D

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