5 benefits of completing your college assignments in college
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Assignments are those set of questions given to you by your engineering teachers which occupy one third of a page, but whose answers take up to 15 pages, to be written, manually, by us poor students!

Assignments or write-ups are every engineering students nightmare, especially if you belong to Mumbai University, where all the students become experts at copying and pasting each others’ answers in their own assignments! Free lectures give you a sight of students doing the laborious work, sitting in different corners of the classroom, listening to their favorite songs, honing their copying skills and trying to complete the never ending flow of assignments! But don't worry, we have some tips for you complete them during your college hours, which will hopefully reduce some of your burden. :P

1. You get a great company to do the toilsome work together

Yeah, with your friends! Finish these menial tasks in a happening place like college, along with your friends and share the burden together.

Sukh dukh saath mein baato!

Personal Tip : You can ask a friend to write a part of the assignment, provided your handwritings match. :p Usually the written gift is a cadbury. :P

2. You feel good that you are not the only one

An engineer knows the pain s/he feels if assignments are taken at home to be completed. Sitting alone and copying the boring stuff, nah, not exciting.

3. Lot of free time at home

And hence a lot of good options to explore and to use the time more productively! More time for text book reading, online surfing, online tutorials, whatsapp, facebook and movies! Yay!

4. No future tensions

Got an assignment today and you managed to complete it in the college itself? Wow! Submissions become smoother and life becomes easier. :)

5. Sharing is caring

You now get the opportunity to share your work of art with your friends who are always in a queue to take your finished assignments and complete theirs! Share, care and build your friendships over pieces of papers!

Sincere thanks : A very special vote of thanks to all those handful of studious heads, who diligently work at home and complete their write-ups, and share them with the rest of the students. Our slogan remains, aap aage badho, hum tumhare saath hai! :D

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