Classify different types of compressors. Explain each type in brief.

Marks: 5M, 6M

Year: Dec2014, Dec2015, Dec2013, May2014

Difficulty: Medium

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Compressors are classified as:

Positive displacement

Reciprocating compressor:

The motor windings are cooled by incoming suction vapors.

These have advantage of no leakage, less noise and compactness.

These are classified again as hermetically sealed, semi sealed and open-type

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Rotary compressor:

In rolling piston type, roller is mounted on eccentric shaft with single blade.

In rotating vane type with four vanes the rotor is concentric with the shaft.

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Screw compressor

The machine consists of two helically grooved rotors which rotate in a housing.

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Centrifugal Compressor

This compressor increases pressure of low pressure vapor refrigerant to high pressure by centrifugal force.

It generally consists of an inlet casing, impeller, diffuser and a volute casing.

It is used for refrigerants that require large displacement and low condensing pressure such as R-11 and R-113

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